It’s fall – the perfect time to make a move! If you want the most of your home’s equity, you should think about how changes in fiscal and economic policies might impact home values.

Monetary tightening – Will interest rates increase? Experts say most likely yes, and it will be gradual. Even small incremental increases could price some buyers out of the market.

Eviction restrictions lifted – Will a flood of homes hit the market? This is unknown until later this year. The assumption is many mom-and-pop landlords will get out of the rental business due to the recent hardships.

Tax changes – Will selling your home cost you more? It depends. If there’s a capital gains tax increase, it could impact home sellers who have built substantial equity. These are not bubble-bursting events but could create downward price pressure. If you’re in an equity-rich position and are flexible, you should consider selling your home within the next six months to get the highest forecasted price.